My Small Kitchen

Most rental apartments and houses do not have a large kitchen. Why is that?! My last kitchen was bigger in terms of sqft, but not really bigger in terms of useable space. This new kitchen is one of my least favourite styles, Galley, which means it’s narrow and usually has high cupboards I cannot reach. I thought I would quickly talk about a few ways that I am trying to make the most out of my space.

First, let’s take a look at the kitchen layouts:

My old kitchen. No natural light, but more floor space.
Much brighter, narrow, and less counter space

Hang Pots

In both kitchens, there isn’t a lot of cupboard or other storage space. Pots are big and clunky, and I find them easier to just hang. In the old kitchen, we had an L shaped counter that was perfect for the little rectangle pot hanger. In the new kitchen, I hung 2 Fintorp rails from Ikea to hang my most used pots.

Appliances On The Counter

So, uh, I don’t have a microwave or toaster because I hate how they look on counters. I know that shocks (and even offends) lots of people. I used to own them, but when we moved a few years ago, I threw them out thinking I would buy new ones that were nicer looking. I ended up just never buying them because in the end I didn’t miss the appliances at all. This saves so much room on the little counter space that I have. It also means less things to clean (:

I do own a juicer and a blender that get used fairly often. I make special room for these in the cupboard above my fridge. I chose this cupboard because it’s difficult to get to so it doesn’t make sense for items I would use on a daily basis. For things like my Kitchen Aid, which really only get used a few times a year, I keep down in storage until I need it.

My kettle and my coffee grinder are 2 things that make an exception. I have 1-2 pots of coffee a day, and so those items are used enough that I can deal with having them on my counter.

Kitchen Stool

I am 5’4″, which means I cannot reach most things in life. This includes the top 2-3 shelves in my cupboards, which are still very useable space when you are limited elsewhere. I still use these shelves for every day items, and I use a stool that has been with us through many apartments which happens to be a perfect size for fitting into small corners. You can see in my old kitchen, I usually just kept it pushed up against the brick wall so I could quickly pull it out. In my new kitchen, I keep it in a ‘dead space’ where nothing else can really fit because of how our back door opens up.


Dirty Dishes

I am the kind of person who loves cooking but not cleaning up. I can pile dishes up into the highest of mountains. However, if there is one thing that I’ve learned while having small kitchens is that we really don’t have the space for that. Dirty dishes take away valuable counter space. I’ve been trying my hardest to at least put my dishes directly into the dishwasher after using them. I don’t keep a dish rack because this also can take up counter space, so if we wash them by hand, we also dry the dishes right away.

A small kitchen is something that everyone can work in as long as you take the time to really look at what you own and decide which items are the most important for you to keep in the space. Maybe you don’t need 12 types of drinking glasses, maybe you do. Don’t just stuff things in cupboards or on your counter because that’s how you’ve always had them, think about where they can go based on how much you use them. Go out and get a stool to reach the dishes you only take out when you have guests over.

I re-arrange my kitchen every 6-8 months. I look through everything and decide if I still use them or need them. I usually give a lot away to make room for the important stuff. When we were moving in July, we noticed we had like 25 cookbooks that we never used taking up shelf space in our kitchen. WHY?! We gave them away, people were very happy to get them, and Im happy to have more shelf space.

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