Home Design Apps

Now that we are slowly moving in, I thought I would share 2 apps that I used to make this move smoother.


RoomSketcher a web application that is used to plan the layout of furniture in your home. You start by adding walls, floors, windows, and doors (all which you need to measure). Once you are happy with your floor plan, you can go in and add in all of your furniture, paintings, decorations, plants, etc. They offer pretty basic colored items (you can’t customize the furniture colors, I wish they allowed that!) but you can customize all of the sizes to match your furniture size.

When we first had access to our apartment, I went in and measured all of the rooms (see the second app for more info on how I saved this information). I went home and spent a few hours customizing each floor of the house with the our furniture. This was especially helpful for 2 reasons:

  1. When the movers dropped off our furniture, I was able to tell them where to put each box/item. This meant they spent less time at the house and I didn’t have to move around a lot of boxes when they left.
  2. I was able to see that some of our furniture didn’t fit. I REALLY wanted our living room to be at the front of the house, but we have a very large coffee table that we love and it just wouldn’t work. Now we have the dining room at the front of the house and I find it’s a little echoy in there – so Im playing around with some design items like curtains to see if there is something I like before I go to buy.
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.29.15 AM
Our main floor – keep in mind, this isn’t color accurate.

This also helped us notice that the wall behind the couch is out further than the wall in the dining room, which is very weird. Our house was built in ~1900, so that’s why the windows are all over the place and other weird upgrades have been done like the kitchen jetting out.

RoomSketcher also allows you to take ‘photos’ to see the 3d view of your room. You can even set the camera height and angle so that it would be like you looking at the room.

RoomSketcher Snapshot (8)
Our living room ‘photo’ from RoomSketcher

There are also a lot of paid features on RoomSketcher that I have never used. I found the free features to be enough for what I needed.


Measures is an app for your phone that I use to keep track of measurements. I like it because when I am at the store trying to buy something, I don’t have to worry about finding that little piece of paper that I made a drawing on, and then trying to remember if I measurement from the inside or the outside to get the number that is written.

Photo Measures: $6.99

Photo Measures Lite: Free

With this app, you take a photo of whatever you are measuring. Then it will prompt you to make lines on the areas you want to measure – you can be very specific. You will need a measuring tape to do the measuring, but then you just type the measurements into the app and away you go.

I am looking to get curtains for this window

You can use this to measure items at home before you go shopping, when you see a piece of furniture at a store you aren’t sure will fit at home, or I even use it for when people ask for measurements of an item so that I can show them exactly where I measured. It saves all of your previous measurements so you don’t need to measure the same thing twice.


I used Measured to measure all of the rooms in our new apartment so I could accurately map out the floors on RoomSketcher. With the help of these 2 apps, I saved myself and the moving team a bunch of time.

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